Internet Protocol Version 6 Lab (IPv6)

Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) Lab setup by Telecommunication Engineering Centre (TEC) has earned a unique distinction of being approved by IPv6 Ready Logo Committee under IPv6 Forum which is an International body. This achievement is significant for TEC and the country as only other labs in the world have achieved this milestone. India has thus joined Europe and a select group of countries which include USA, Japan, China, Taiwan, France and Korea.

This test lab caters to Conformance as well as Interoperability testing of various software / equipment which have implemented IPv6. It has also the capability of examination of test results sent by other IPv6 Ready Logo approved labs.

Government of India has taken several policy initiatives so that the service providers, content providers and the customer premises equipment vendors are encouraged to move to IPv6 address implementation. Setting up testing infrastructure is one of the objectives of National Telecom Policy (NTP)-2012. Establishment and designation of TEC lab as IPv6 Ready Logo lab is one such step which shall enable vendors/developers to avail the facility of internationally recognized test lab in India. Availability of approved lab shall promote end-user confidence in using IPv6 Ready Logo approved products.

TEC is now well positioned to play a catalytic role in faster uptake of IPv6 implementation in India as well as in International arena, thus fostering development of Next Generation Internet globally.

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